underwater i wrote drowning

i'm a silly love song

stefani joy♥
3 February
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forgiveness is everything. memories are everything. smiles are everything. laughter is everything. tears are everything. pain is everything. happiness is everything. love is everything. friends are everything.
this is everything.

so send a little smile my way
don't be so hard on yourself
you won't get better till you're worse
so send a little love my way

i believe that my life's gonna see the love i give returned to me

look at me, i'm so disgusting; i will never find another quite like you ♥

i'm through accepting limits
cause someone says they're so
some things i cannot change
but till i try, i'll never know

too long i've been afraid of
losing love, i guess i've lost
well if that's love
it comes at much too high a cost

it's time to try defying gravity

there's only us, there's only this
forget regret, or life is yours to miss
no other road, no other way

no day but today


every day is so wonderful
then suddenly, it's hard to breathe


losing someone you love is the hardest part
chris, you'll always be in my heart ♥

i am stefani joy♥. i am loud and italian, and i plan on devoting my life to being over-the-top. my world revolves around my cat, school, my incredible friends and family, finding love and the musical RENT.